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Woodbine Historic District Nomination

Woodbine, Iowa is a small railroad town with big personality.  Located in western Iowa, Woodbine has a vibrant local community and the interest of successful developers. Woodbine’s downtown has a good level of historic integrity and boasts the longest remaining brick-paved stretch of the Lincoln Highway in Iowa. Alley Poyner Macchietto was hired to write a historic district nomination for the downtown commercial district. Project architect Jennifer Honebrink and architect Martin Kluck enlisted my help to gather the necessary research, draw district maps and assemble the 300+ page book required to nominate the district.

Countless hours were spent researching each building in the district such as obtaining previous property owners and determining the alterations made to the structure over time. Each building in the district (over 50) required categorization of architectural style, date built, ownership, changes in the structure, major events and property descriptions. As my background in historic American architecture was thin at the time, this process served as an extensive course in American architectural history from the mid 19th century to modern day.

Project Architect: Jennifer Honebrink. Research and Writing Team: Martin Kluck, Jean Vacha, Emily Van Court


Historic District Nomination


City of Woodbine, Iowa


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