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HP+ Wall Systems Launch

Charged with new product development, the Center for Building Excellence tested several assemblies for their structural and thermal contribution. The first of these is the HP+ Wall System – a code compliant, structural, braced wall system with integrated control layers. Due to the unique nature of the product, adopting the new system for a builder can be an involved process. As a lead technical advisor, I worked on the testing, piloting, and product launch of the system with builders nationally.

My primary contributions were as follows:

  • Aided testing and development of new product
  • Oversaw the construction administration of pilot projects
  • Trained builders and trades on new system adoption
  • Created technical literature for installation
  • Facilitated development of code-compliance documentation

For more information about the Center for Building Excellence and the HP+ Wall System please visit: http://www.construction.basf.us/cbe/residential



Product Development, Building Science Consulting




Energy Efficiency, Air Sealing, Right-Sizing Mechanicals, Control Layer Design