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FACT Pentables

The tables were schematically designed in a previous semester so our team headed up design development and construction. The pentagon-shaped tops were ideal for use as individual tables yet could be assembled into a variety of configurations depending on the desired use. A design (an abstract spelling of ART) was recessed into the table creating various geometric patterns depending on the table configuration.

Our team completed design development, designed the inlay for the table tops, rendered the final designs, drew construction documents, created CNC-files, drew shop drawings for the fabricated table legs, completed cost-estimates, hired a professional painter and completed the final table assembly and delivery for 8 tables. All of this required extra trips to our site in Salina, Kansas, multiple coordination calls to various manufacturers and parts suppliers and strong team work to finish the project on a short time line. The final project was finished well into the spring after the fall semester (our class) was over.

Pentables team members: Professor Jeff Day, Emily Van Court, Nolan Stevens, Jesse Alvizar. Plan images and model photos are used with permission additional class members. Renderings: Nolan Stevens.


Furniture, Design-Build


Salina Art Center