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Deep Energy Retrofits

Deep Energy Retrofits are undertaken to get the worst-performing buildings up to a baseline threshold of performance. The worst-performing buildings typically are poorly maintained, are in blighted communities, and have many other structural and performance issues. This was the case for a series of townhomes in west Philadelphia. Our clients, working with the area utility companies, already knew the buildings were performing poorly, but didn’t know the extent of their performance failures. Before undertaking the deep energy retrofits scheduled for these homes, our technical team for the Center for Building Excellence (BASF) was consulted to give additional building-science performance advice.

We tested for major health and safety issues and monitored the roof assembly replacement to suggest detail modification. We helped measure the building’s air leakage, pressure tested rooms, and highlighted major air leakage points. Our analysis resulted in targeting the major offenders (air leakage), and modified the roof replacement system utilized.



Building Science Consulting, Deep Energy Retrofits, Energy Testing




Energy testing, Envelope upgrades, Deep energy retrofits